Audit Services

Asset Compliance Audit

The Asset Compliance (Bloomberg) Audit is a in-depth Securitization Audit and Chain of Title review that covers both property and priority lien after loan consumption (Servicing and proper Transfers or Assignments). Discover whether your Lender or Servicer ignored Federal, State, and Local Laws. If Servicing rights were properly assigned and who holds liability for any violations. This Audit includes a Securitization search of public and private deals, any available Pooling Service Agreements, Trust Agreements, Loan Level Data, and Prospectus Supplements.

Title Compliance Audit

The Title Compliance Audit is completed in 5 Days and is the most comprehensive audit of specific information pertaining to your rightful ownership of real property, MERS review, Collateral Market Analysis, Transaction Document Imaging, and a Qualified Written Request - the most extensive review and analysis of your property's Chain of Title.

Forensic Compliance Audit

Forensic Compliance Audits are completed in 3 days and will provide you with a robust compliance test including manual reviews of the Underwriting and Origination, Market Analysis, and a Qualified Written Request - a extensive compliance review and analysis of your mortgage origination and loan file.

Rapid Report Audit

Rapid Report Forensic Audits are a fast and low-cost way of ensuring your loan is compliant with over 330 Laws including Federal TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, State and Local Laws, as well as GSE guidelines. It takes only 24 hours to complete your audit and determine if the law has been violated on your loan.

Asset Compliance Report

The Asset Compliance(Securitization) Report is a refined search of your specific loan data to determine if the loan has been securitized and provides you the Asset Locator details. Public and Private Trust filters used to reveal Trust Name and Group Number.

HELOC Report Audit

HELOC Report audits the Home Equity Lines of Credit loans to determine if there are any violations of TILA, RESPA, Federal, State an Local Laws.

Collateral Valuation Report

The Collateral Valuation Report provides same day results which utilizes unique methods and highly refined trending to assess your homes value. Collateral Market Analysis, Repeat Sales Value, Tax-Assessed Values, and Appraisal Emulation provides you a 360ยบ approach to comprehensive market data affecting your homes value.

Demand Letter Service

Our professionally drafted Qualified Written Request (QWR) is a letter written pursuant to Section 6 of the federal RESPA law, According to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) if a borrower does not have one or more documents or believes their loan to be in error they may request in writing for those documents.

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