Unlike Forensic Audits, securitization focuses on what happens to the loan after consumption (origination). The securitization process, in part, is the financial practice of consolidating debt and selling it as a bond, pass-through certificate (stocks) to investors worldwide. This process is used on most all forms of debt from student loans, credit cards, cars, and mortgage loans. Securitization simply takes liquid assets and transforms them into a security allowing the original creditor to free up money or create additional capital.

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While securitization is an accepted accounting practice, its use has been fraudulently hidden from the general public, and has become a corrupt tool of Lenders and Big Banks with risky financial dealings. In a typical trading or investment transaction (Bonds, Forex, or Stocks) the potential client is given a prospectus and warned of the possible pitfalls of investing. Since 2000 Lenders and Mortgage Originators have lied to their customers in every transaction because Homeowners were never told that their home was a securities transaction.

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Loan Audit Experts has developed a unique method of searching for loan securitization by identifying the Trust Name and Pool (or Group) where the loan is securitized for public trusts. We offer a securitization search-only report, The Asset Compliance Report, as well as the most enhanced securitization “Bloomberg” audit with an in-depth review of the loan securitization data and chain of title claims affecting your property, called the Asset Compliance Audit. As part of the securitization audit we include all available Pooling and Servicing Agreements, Prospectus for public trusts, as well as Trust Level documents for Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie Mae securitization.

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