The loan Audit Process

Step 1. Select Audit One of Our Audit Services

Choose your audit type by clicking on any web-link and submit your Audit request or speak with our knowledgeable Audit Counselors to determine which Audit service is best for your situation.

Audits are the most important element in establishing to your lender and regulatory authorities that there is merit and substantive value to your claims.

Express Report Title Audit Forensic Audit Securitization

Step 2. Submit The Documents

Once you've submitted your request you will be emailed a Document Checklist and Audit Service Agreement. You will need to complete a brief financial questionnaire so that we can better analyse your situation and asses what happened during your mortgage origination process. The provided Document Checklist will give you instructions on how to submit all your loan documents for review.

If you are unable to locate your mortgage paperwork we offer a Professionally Written Demand Letter you can send to your lender requesting all your loan documents.

Step 3. Review Our Audit Findings

Once your report is complete what you will be faced with are mostly legal issues. You may wish to speak with your Attorney or Sue Your Lender for damages. Some past settlements have allowed homeowners to get a principal reduction as low as 95% of current market value. If you qualify we will refer you to a Licensed Attorney who can best advise you of all your legal rights and remedies for your situation.

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