Find Out If Your Mortgage Is Illegal

Your lender gave you a loan that breached fiduiciary duties or may be predatory in nature. In some instances your lender agreed in a stipulated judgements with several State AG's that certain loans were in fact predatory loans.

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Now your lender acted or is acting in bad faith by doing little to restructure these "toxic" loans. Using past and pending judgements as a guide to relief of these and other predatory loans suing your lender can help.

If your mortgage situation fits any of the following then you may be a potential litigant:

  • Interest Only Loan
  • High Interest Rate
  • Option ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) loan
  • Pick-A-Payment or Negative Amortization loan
  • Prepayment Penalty
  • Balloon Payments
  • State Income
  • Denial of Loan Modification
  • Subprime Loan

To further check your qualification, you must go through a lawsuit qualification questionnaire:

Bank of America


Wells Fargo


If your case qualifies we will refer you to a Licensed Attorney who can use past judgements as a guide to remedy in your case before the court. Suing your lender may give you the best results - your Attorney will seek the following on your behalf:

  • Principal reduction at/or below current market value
  • Monetary Damages
  • Clean credit report of mortgage lates and more.

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