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Loan Audit Experts LLC., is the leading loan auditing firm specializing in comprehensive Forensic, Chain of Title, and Securitization Mortgage Audits. We guarantee fast, but realistic and honest audit reporting based on facts.

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Prior to the "Mortgage Meltdown," our audits were performed for Investors, Mortgage Brokers, and Lenders, as well as GSE's, to resolve compliance issues and to determine the level of buy-back risk in particular loans or portfolio's of loans.

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Today we offer our forensic audit services to homeowners nationwide, including the Asset Compliance (Securitization) Audit sometimes referred to as a "Bloomberg Audit." Millions of homeowners have been enticed into bad loans by "Introductory" Interest Only Rates, "Pay Option Arms" or Neg Amortization Loans, First-time buyers with little or No Money Down and need the facts on their loan.

Our Audits help those who are current on their mortgage but upside down, have been wrongfully foreclosed upon, and cash strapped homeowners uneducated in mortgage lending practices.

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Loan Audit Experts LLC., audits your loan to determine whether you have signed for loans that were not only against banking regulations, but in many cases, in direct violation of established lending statutes and riddled with fraud. Federal laws like the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), as well as State, Local, and Consumer Protection laws and Regulatory Lending Guidelines.

Forensic, Chain of Title, and Securitization Audits - Get The Facts On Your Loan and Protect Your Rights!

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