HELOC Report Audit

Same as Lender Report, the HELOC Report Audit reviews the Home Equity Lines of Credit loans for compliance with Federal, State, and Local Laws including TILA, RESPA, and HOEPA, as well as GSE guidelines.

Find Errors In Your Home Equity Line of Credit
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Completed in just 24 hours, your HELOC Report Forensic Audit determines if Consumer Protection laws have been violated on your loan with Citations.

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Loans that violate the law can result in rescission (effectively the borrower’s right to cancel the loan), defenses to foreclosure and statutory damages that can greatly exceed the value of the loan.

Many unscrupulous companies have made false claims as to the effects of performing a Loan Audit. Please be advised that while a Audit can discover the errors or violations in your loan, it does not entitle you to a Loan Modification or otherwise. However, you can Sue Your Lender and protect your rights.

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