Commercial Loan Compliance

Our Commercial/Multi-Family Forensic Audit provides you a thorough CPA guided compliance review and manual audit that looks at the entire process to provide the best Commercial Loan Audit that includes:

  • Lending Process and Regulatory Controls
  • Federal, State, and Local Compliance Issues
  • Market Valuation Trends
  • Reviews the Document and Credit File
  • Analysis of the Loan Portfolio

Commercial Audit Pricing As Low As $3999
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We audit your Commercial/Multi-Family Loan documents to determine whether your lender has treated you properly under your loan terms and the law. Our Commercial/Multi-Family Forensic Audit Service only takes 15-20 days, depending on your cooperation.

Commercial loan underwriting and credit decisions that are sound at the time of origination can be undermined over time by internal factors within the bank’s control and by external factors such as general or local economic or environmental conditions. Get the facts on your loan and protect your rights!

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