Asset Compliance Audit

Loan Audit Experts LLC., has developed a unique method of searching for loan securitization by identifying the Trust Name and Pool (or Group) where the loan is securitized for public trusts. The Asset Compliance Audit is the most enhanced securitization audit with a in-depth review of the loan securitization data and chain of title claims affecting your property.

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This securities and chain of title audit covers both property and priority lien after loan closing (Servicing and proper Transfers or Assignments). Discover whether Servicing rights were properly assigned and who holds liability for any violations.

Completed in 7 to 10 days, your Asset Compliance Audit presents various findings and implications of relevant material facts which cover:

  • Wrongful Foreclosure
  • Note Duplication
  • Asset Pooling and Note Fractioning
  • Loan Pooling Agreements
  • Default Insurance Payments
  • Chain of Title
  • Transfer and Assignement Analysis
  • MERS Fraud
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While your Asset Compliance audit can reveal the securitization and loan pooling - Do not take any action in regards to your title or property without first consulting a competent Licensed Legal professional in your county or State.

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