About Us

This is a time to look for highly skilled professionals who have been trained and are experienced in the real estate, mortgage banking and financial services industries.

Our staff at Loan Audit Experts has over 30+ years of experience in mortgage auditing, loan origination, lender compliance, and financial underwriting. We remain ahead of our field by using industry-leading Regulatory compliance software as well as manual reviews to test your loans for predatory lending practices and violations. All our audits come with a 100% On-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our audit team is going to evaluate your situation and tell you exactly where you stand and any violations discovered in your reports. Loan Audit Experts LLC., has a strict code of ethics and professional responsibility to adhere to as Audits, Lending, and Loan Compliance are very serious matters.

We know what a stressful and anxious time this can be and we will do our best to keep you informed all the way through the process. When deciding whether or not you should pursue your legal rights as a predatory loan or fraud victim, you should think about the following three things.

First, Lenders (Mortgage Originators, Broker, Title Companies, Real Estate Agents, and Loan Services) had knowledge of the dangers of predatory loans and knowingly put hardworking borrowers, much like yourself, at risk. Second, loan modification and foreclosure can be very expensive. Third, by exercising your legal rights, you can protect your home and financial future.

Forensic, Chain of Title, and Securitization Audits - Get The Facts On Your Loan and Protect Your Rights!